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Using his skills in web and graphic design, Daaki Joshua started his business, The Growth Office.

Daaki works closely with his client to create logos, websites and digital design that reflect their unique style and help them grow their business.

When he first launched his business, Daaki was running The Growth Office whilst still working full-time as a business consultant.

In 2017, two years after Daaki started the company, he quit his full-time job to focus solely on his growing business.

In the early days of The Growth Office, he struggled to understand the market needs and how his services and products could solve them.

Nonetheless, through extensive research and his desire to support small businesses, he was able to build a brand that was valuable to the market. 

Stepping Up With Bookipi

At first, Daaki found it hard to manage the finances of the company, particularly when he was on the go and away from the office.

He was using Excel to create his invoices on his laptop, where he would save it as a PDF and then send it to the client. 

In 2019, Daaki finally came across a system that was easy to use and accessible on the go – Bookipi.

Bookipi allowed me to invoice on the go, track my expenses and analytics and sent me real-time notifications for when my clients opened the invoice. It was also helpful when I was filing my taxes.

Words of Wisdom

Daaki finds satisfaction in the fact that he can make a difference for someone’s company.

He also loves seeing his work on his clients’ sites or buildings.

If he could give any advice to prospective business owners, it would be to track your expenses, get on top of your taxes and do as much research on the market as possible.

Check out The Growth Office‘s website and on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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