How Bookipi helps you get paid on time

How to get paid on time

With Bookipi’s Invoice maker, businesses can get paid on time by using digital invoicing and payment methods that help them get paid on time.

Get paid on time with Bookipi by following these steps:

Step 1: Create and send invoices

Use Bookipi’s easy-to-use invoicing tool to create professional-looking invoices and send them to your clients. Include clear payment terms, such as due date and accepted payment methods.  Learn how to make and send invoices on Bookipi mobile app and web with our simple user guides. 

Step 2: Set up automated payment reminders

It’s easy to set up automated reminders to your clients with Bookipi.  Make reminders for payment before and after your specified payment due dates.  This will help ensure that your clients pay on time. Learn how to customize the frequency and content of invoice payment reminders with our simple user guide.

Step 3: Accept online card payments

Accept online card payments through Stripe and various credit card providers with Bookipi Invoice. This makes it easy for your clients to pay you and reduces the risk of delayed payments.   Learn how to set up card payments with our simple user guides for Bookipi mobile app and Web

Step 4: Keep track of invoice payments

Bookipi automatically tracks payments and sends you notifications when a payment is made. Our invoice maker and invoice payment tracker is the easiest way to follow up on any outstanding payments.

Step 5: Send receipts & thank you notes

After receiving payment, generate a receipt in seconds and add a thank-you note to your client. This not only helps to build a good relationship but also serves as a gentle reminder for future payments.

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