What is shackling and how to avoid it

At Bookipi, we don’t believe in shackling staff.

What does shackling mean?

Shackling means putting restraints on someones creative freedom, hindering their growth and not valuing their opinion.

Have you ever had a boss who ignores your requests to work on the projects you felt passionate about?

What about a boss that would never listen to your suggestions or take your advice into account?

It can even be something as small as not listening to what you were saying before they said no.

Shackling happens when a boss or workplace doesn’t care about your goals or value your input.

If this sounds all too familiar, you’ve worked somewhere that shackled you. 

At Bookipi, we don’t.

At some point, everyone will leave Bookipi and take up another venture. 

We know that because we’ve been that person.

We want the best talent on our team and we value the work of every individual that has contributed to our success so far.

However, we will always strive to keep building our already amazing team.


We align work projects with professional development and areas of interest.

We know that our team comes to work each day happier knowing that they are working on projects that have meaning to them.

Our staff have individual and personal ownership of the projects that they want to be doing.

When someone feels pride over their work and valued in their role, they’re only going to push themselves to grow.

That’s the type of environment we want to make at Bookipi

I couldn’t imagine undercutting anyone to make them stay.

If you’re on the Bookipi team, it’s because we want you here.

We want everyone to pursue their goals and sometimes that means we have to say, “we’ll see you again soon”.

At this time, we haven’t had any team members that we’ve hired leave the team.

But that day will come.

The greatest compliment is for someone about how much they grew at Bookipi.

Our business has been built on our users recommending Bookipi to their friends and we know the same will happen with our team.

When something great happens to you, you want to tell everyone.

That’s what we strive for.

We empower our team, we communicate our plan, and we give them the freedom and power to get it done.

If you want to grow your company, give the people who make it what it is the opportunity to grow.

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