10 apps that will help you build your business

The most successful business owners know how the right tools help both productivity and profit.

There are a ton of the tools for your smartphone that you can use to help run your business and save time

These tools will help with organisation, communication, marketing, management, and more.

Here are our best ten apps to help build your business:

Apps to keep you organised


This app is a digital notebook that lets users document ideas and organise and prioritise tasks. Gone are the days of scribbling down dot points on a piece of paper. This app ensures you can access important information anytime from your phone or desktop and invite others to write comments.


pocket - an app to build your business

Pocket helps business owners to more effectively browse the internet. The app creates a space where any videos, images, posts, and articles, across any platform can be saved so you can easily find and view them later. This means anything you read online that can help your business can be accessed by the touch of a button, even when you’re offline.


This app is a PDF scanner that lets you turn any piece of paper into a digital document. For instance, any receipts, certificates, whiteboard/written notes, or business cards can all be scanned using your phone and converted into high-quality documents.

Apps to help you market your business


hootsuite - an app to build your business

On average, we spend around 3 hours each day scrolling through social media. There is little wonder why social media marketing has blown-up in recent years. Hootsuite takes the time and effort out of marketing on social media platforms. It helps users to plan and create their content, schedule the time they want to post, and track the effectiveness of each post.

Apps to help you manage your business


This app takes the hassle out of hiring new employees and makes sure your job post is visible across all relevant sites. It also simplifies and categorises candidate applications, making them easy to understand. The app even provides you with in-depth analytics on each applicant and helps with the interview and hiring process.

Bookipi Expense

We may be biased, but managing your finances as a business has never been easier than with the Bookipi Expense app. With tools to help budget and keep track of cash flow, income and assets, Bookipi removes the need to manually enter data. The app caters to everyone, helping users take control of their personal and/or business finances.

bookipi expense - an app to build your business

Bookipi Invoice Maker and Estimate App

This award-winning app automates and simplifies the invoicing process for businesses. It tracks your income, items, and customers and generates professional invoices. You can also use it to send estimates to customers, making accounting and bookkeeping quick and easy.


Payroller is an invaluable tool for all Australian small businesses who need Single Touch Payroll. It simplifies the process, but most importantly, you do not need to be an accountant to navigate the service.

Payroller employee app

Payroller also has a dedicated app for Australian business employees to accept and reject roster shifts, submit leave and view payslips from their employers.

Apps to help with communication


Whether you are in the office or working from home, clear communication with your employees is vital. Slack makes this easy through organised channels that show the messages most relevant to you. By organising messages and making links and attachments easy to find, everyone in the company can literally be on the same page.  Bookipi Invoice is integrated with Slack for easy invoicing and business communication.

Small business apps to save you time

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