Overcoming & adapting business during Covid

Due to COVID-19, people have been forced to adapt to working at home and embrace technology.

With more and more people communicating and providing their services over the phone or a computer screen, the need to bill these services has increased.

Victor Mwago recognised this and created CallPesa, an app that lets users capture billable calls, helping freelancers and professionals increase billable hours and recover thousands in lost revenue.

CallPesa – An app for a changing world

CallPesa emerged to improve remote working for knowledge professionals who base their billable work on time expended.

Professional advice offered by way of phone or video conferencing often goes unrewarded as it is wholly or partially missed out of regular billing.

As a result, a practitioner ends up losing valuable billable hours even when the work is based on other billing models like Fixed Time or Value Based.

For professionals that bill by the hour, those recovered billable hours can make the difference between financial success or not.

Victor built CallPesa to simplify the capture, processing and eventual billing of this information.

Automating this process has eliminated countless hours of administrative tasks while also increasing the accuracy of time entries.

Victor was one of the many people who lost their income as a result of Covid but continued to receive calls from people requiring his knowledge and skills, seemingly free of charge.

He soon realised that he was giving away legal services for free and saw an opportunity to create a service specifically for virtual services.

He quickly gathered a team and they built the CallPesa app, releasing it in April 2020.

How Bookipi helped their business

Overcoming and adapting business during Covid - Bookipi success story

Victor and his team found themselves faced with challenges when setting up the business in terms of registering the company, organising the legalities, trademarking, tax, and accounting.

In their search for assistance, they googled invoicing tools and found Bookipi.

One-click invoicing as well as the budgeting app make it by far the best app for small businesses. I cannot emphasise enough how impeccable the user experience is. I love that Bookipi is easy to register and use and a has a fantastic design. Can’t wait for Bookipay!

The thing that Victor and his team enjoy most about running a business is their ability to solve a problem in their industry, and working with great people is a plus too. 

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail – Confucius

Check out CallPesa’s website or take a look at their company on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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