Suleman Mulla’s small business success story

Time for a change

After working as a private driver and chauffeur for years, Suleman Mulla decided to open his own business where he could be his own boss, make his own success and do better than existing driver services.

Based in the UK, in 2009 Bolton Airport Transfers and Executive Minibus Hire was born. 

At first, Suleman was unsure of how to set up the business, not knowing driver regulations and how to obtain the necessary licenses.

When he asked similar businesses for advice, they saw him as competition and proved unhelpful.

Nonetheless, he didn’t let that stop him.

After persevering, Suleman was in business.

For many small businesses, in the beginning, it can be hard to set yourself apart from your competition.

For Suleman, he knew that his passion for providing professional and friendly service would be his strong suit, so when he came across Bookipi, it was a perfect match.

Invoicing customers was so easy with Bookipi!

Suleman Mulla's small business success story

How positivity was the key to success

Suleman has found that meeting new people from all walks of life and striving to provide great service is the most satisfying part of the job.

His hard work pays off when he receives great feedback from customers who refer him to their friends and family. 

Suleman believes the key to success is persevering and striving to always continue learning.

Treating every customer in a friendly manner is also crucial. 

Remember never to take anything for granted because you never know what might happen, even a pandemic!

Check out Bolton Airport Transfers and Executive Minibus Hire’s website here.

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