How this musician turned his passion into a flourishing business with Bookipi

While no business plans to fail, one in three don’t make it past the first year.

For many aspiring entrepreneurs and new business owners, the prospect of investing yourself, your time, effort and finances can be very daunting.

Orget Sadiku decided he was up for the challenge when he turned his skills as a saxophonist into a business and created Orget Sadiku Entertainment.

Fine-tuning his talents

Orget recognised that there was a market for unique and affordable event entertainment, and in 2014, he began performing at various venues and concerts across Australia.

Not long after, he realised it was going to take some time to build his business and client base.

Like many other small business owners, he realised that setting up the foundations of his business was going to be no small feat and that it was going to take countless hours just to manage the administration of the company.

One such challenge he faced was the handling the finances of the business and invoicing clients. 

Looking professional with Bookipi

Four years later, with a simple Google search, Orget found Bookipi.

With Bookipi, he noticed just how much easier and faster it was to make invoices and manage his business’ finances.

Sadiku has since gone on to be an extremely successful entertainer, performing at over 3,000 events and having his music made available on iTunes.

Bookipi has been tremendously helpful!

Turning a passion into a business - Bookipi success story

Motivation and tips

Orget believes the best thing about starting his own business has been the creative freedom.

His advice to other business owners is: 

To get Bookipi ASAP!

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