How Frank built his cruise company with Bookipi

Many exciting business ventures fall through simply due to the pressures associated with starting.

The time, effort, and finances required to set up a business can seem overwhelming to new business owners.

Frank Colony faced this challenge head-on when he started Cruise Hobbes, a crewed sailboat charter business.

The beginning of a great big adventure




Frank and his wife Karen began their journey when they bought Hobbes, a 42 foot Catalina Sailing yacht in 2011.

His love for sailing grew and it wasn’t long after that he realised he wanted to share his adventures with the world.

So, he got his USCG Mariner license and started up his business in 2019 on the Puget Sound.

He got his first few customers through word of mouth and a simple website.

One of the biggest issues faced by new business owners is setting up the fundamentals to run your business.

Not only does it take time to build your business and client base but new business owners can spend countless hours working out what tools they need to run their business.

Frank found himself faced with similar challenges as he started setting up his business on Yelp, Google, Instagram, and Facebook.

Looking professional with Bookipi

Frank needed a rapid and professional-looking quotation software to win new clients.

That’s when he came across Bookipi in 2019.

Our customers love the professional look and clarity of our cruise quotations. We believe that our business benefits because of this. Ease of use and professional look. Also, the automatic receipts are great! 

Motivation and tips from a successful business owner

Frank believes the best thing about starting his business was the fact that he gets to share his beautiful sailboat with others.

He loves having the freedom to design his own tours and sharing them with his customers.

His advice to other business owners is: 

Start professional and use Bookipi from the beginning. 

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